Author Contact

I am currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh (School of Geosciences) on “Meeting global protein demand through sustainable protein pathways”. Related to this work, I have also been offered a fellowship on the NEWS-UK (UK-India Virtual Joint Centres in Agricultural Nitrogen) programme. This project is focused on working towards food security through sustainable nitrogen/fertilizer management.

yqcdQhHxAlongisde these academic/teaching roles, I am also Sustainability and Business Development Manager for 3fbio– a biotechnology start-up focused on novel integrated production of food, fuel and animal feed from sustainable feedstocks. I also carry out analysis, produce data visualisations and blog on the topics of environment, climate change, energy and technology for OurWorldInData. OurWorldInData is an online web publication (founded by economist, Max Roser) with an aim to provide a global overview of how the world is changing through research and interactive data visualisations.


Ritchie, H. & Reay, D.S. (2016): Delivering the two degree global climate change target using a flexible ratchet framework, Climate Policy, doi: 10.1080/14693062.2016.1222260

Ritchie, H., Laird, J. & Ritchie, D. 3f bio: Halving the Cost of Mycoprotein Through Integrated Fermentation Processes. Industrial Biotechnology. 13, 29–31 (2017).

Previous education:

  • MSc Carbon Management (University of Edinburgh)- Distinction
  • 1st Class Honours Degree in Environmental Geoscience (University of Edinburgh)

I always welcome any feedback or thoughts on any of the topics covered here. Feel free to get in touch through any of the avenues listed below.


Twitter: @HannahRitchie02

LinkedIn: Hannah Ritchie


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