This is a blog about sustainability, and all elements that this incorporates. It has become apparent that the sustainability issue extends beyond its common lens as purely an environmental and planetary boundary issue. Sustainability for me, is about developing a fairer and more resilient global system, one which allows for a prosperous life for all. Achieving such a system hinges on the principle of “convergence”; a meeting of resource and lifestyle footprints both across and within nations. Developing a framework which convergences our per capita impact and share is the most fair, and least politically-charged way of doing so.

Addressing the sustainability challenge is no easy task. It’s a complex issue which will require an integrated and holistic mix of social, scientific, technological, economic, business and political solutions. I hope to try to bring a balanced view of all of these components to some of the key sustainability challenges. I’m always interested in hearing different or fresh perspectives (after all, I don’t pretend to have the answers- I’m merely here to question and challenge), so feel free to get in touch if you have anything to add on any of the topics covered.


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